Thursday, May 30, 2013

my spring-summer closet

So there comes a time in every season during which the closet that I had organized so beautifully by color or by type of clothe, becomes heaps of what I have shoved carelessly into or on top of a pile and what I have folded on top of or into a pile. It is a couple of weeks after this happens that I do something about it.

This weekend was closet cleaning time. (which despite how sarcastic and dreary I make it sound, I really do enjoy...)

(please excuse the flash in this photo-- the lighting was terrible!)
I generally begin by taking everything out and piling it on my (too small for this task) bed. 
My second step is finding music for the job. This time, I was so motivated that I created a cleaning mix (everything from Ingrid Michaelson and Kate Nash--two of my faves-- to Rihanna and Eminem--two of the pop worlds' faves).

After selecting music to set the mood, I began with everything hanging. 
I started the hanging section (oh boy, that does not sound very good... anyhow:) with these great little hooks 
that fit over the top of my door. On it, I hung in-season bags and scarves, my few maxi-dresses, and of course my bathrobe dressing gown- it sounds a lot nicer).

...and of course organizing different types of hanger clothes on different types of hangers!
                                           cute shirts                                       skirts                                  dresses                                   button downs

Then, I needed only to pile the rest of my clothes, stick them in the closet, and viola! Mission Accomplished.

so am i the only one who enjoys organizing her closet?