Sunday, April 28, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

out of sorts: my reaction to today

wake up in a trance. splash cold water on my face and stare at myself in the mirror, trying to wake up. do my makeup and hair, then get dressed. thats the easy part: i have the same uniform everyday. get all of my stuff together (today I have all 7 of my classes). grab a bagel for the car, and off to school. the time is exactly half past too-early-o'clock.
 school, school, school. talk, listen, take notes. yawn. listen, write, discuss holocaust. in English, note that the book NIGHT shows how terrible people can be and also how much the human body can physically and mentally endure. then math, numbers, on a screen, laughing with friends. yawn. bell rings. walk to locker, head to enrichment. Bell Rings. begin learning sign language.
the first bomb has gone off but I dont know it. i dont know whats happened.
BAM, the second.
continue learning sign language. i am confused, moving my hands, not sure what I am even saying. the bell rings. i gather my things and walk to the bus. i had left my lunch box there the week before. i thank my bus driver and sit down, waiting for us to leave. hour and a half bus ride. i fall asleep. my mother picks us up from the bus. she is strangely quiet. the others leave. its five fifteen. we drive home.
My mom tells me the news. 
two bombs had gone at finish line of the Boston Marathon
while I was in school.
I am immediately on Facebook, trying to think of something to say.
What is the right thing to say in these times of tragedy?
Haven't we had enough?
I go online to try to figure out what exactly happened. Fascinated, saddened, shocked, and terrified by such horrors, I need to know.
and for some reason, i feel a bit of closure. We will make it through. No, this is not okay; no, we have not yet solved who did this or why...but we can survive. We have survived tragedies such as these and tragedies much worse than these before.
I am praying for those affected by today's events, and for their sakes, let everyone band together and remain strong.
May everyone go to sleep in safety tonight, holding their loved ones in their hearts just a little more closely.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

pinterest, my (not so) secret love

The secret is out. All those late nights on weekends? No, I am not out partying with all of my friends, or writing a novel, or doing something productive, or even just watching a movie (although I do sometimes do that too).
No, I am on Pinterest.
and that basically sums it up. I am in love.

Who else sometimes has that problem where you cant get off?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

i am sooo tir- zzzzz

aaand I am back from fresh air, lovely high temperatures, blue skies, tanning, and (of course) venomous creatures... and OH BOY, am I tired.

School restarted with a bang. And by bang, I don't mean fireworks and a welcome back party. I mean something more along the lines of:
Oh, you just took an overnight flight from Arizona (which has a billion hour time difference)?
How about having a half a day of 'free time' (or homework time, as the case generally is), not being able to fall asleep (because your internal clock wants to be back in Arizona), and waking up at three in the morning to take the bus in to school?
Well maybe I exaggerated a little. But, in my defence, I still haven't caught up on sleep. (Which could also be the result of taking all week to write an essay, then, on the day before its due, deciding that what I had written sucked and it would be in my best interest to stay up until midnight re-writing.)
Some days, I wish I still home schooled.
But enough complaining! This week has absolutely sped by and the temperature in my dreary little state has risen so that I was able to bring out my sandals and put away those winter coats. Hallelujah! Spring has sprung!
P.S. Lizzie Bennet Diaries = best invention ever!!!! (actually Pride and Prejudice was the best... but these are pretty damn awesome too!) you are welcome: i just got you hooked.

Monday, April 1, 2013

5 Things

5 things keeping me happy this week:

1. This beautiful Red Dress (and almost vintage looking photograph)
[Dress: Petticoat Alley, and apologies for the less than perfect quality picture. this post was very last minute.]

2. Painting my toe nails for sandal wear

3.How I Met Your Mother



5. Spring Recess!!!


So far the weekend and the first day of this week has included sleeping, painting my nails for, and packing for my trip to Arizona, and of course... more sleeping. Oh how I love spring break!

What were your top fives of the week? What are you looking forward to in the coming week?

Ari <3