Sunday, July 21, 2013

Things Are Happenin' in Israel!!

This is Ari’s Mom pinch-hitting as guest blogger while Ari is travelling in Israel.  I have thought of a few themes that may be of interest to her readers and to Ari and decided that shelikes prioritizing things and ideas.  I am therefore submitting the following : 

The Top Five Experiences to have in Israel with your peers
(let’s see if Ari modifies this significantly)

Five :  Running into a friend from Israel at a Kibbutz (socialist living community in Israel) that you are visiting

Four : Witnessing the power that the Kotel (Western Wall) has on your friends who have never been to Israel before.

Three : Climbing Masada 3 hours before dawn while jet-lagged to see the sunrise over the Dead Sea.
Desert View Hours South of Masada
Two : Shopping in a bustling Shuk (Middle Eastern Open Market) in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and smelling exotic spices spread before you in colorful piles.


One : Building and then sailing, a raft with new and old friends who have spent 3 intimate weeks together and then sailing it across a large lake!