Sunday, March 17, 2013

a blast from the past

Well, this week I haven't really had time to write a post, but I wanted to put something up... So, I'm taking my top ten list from my old blog and sharing it with you. I cant wait for spring!! (To see the original post, click here.)

Top Tens of spring

As spring comes to a close, I figured, everybody else always posts lists of some of their favorite things, so why not me? Therefore, dear readers, you are about to learn some of my favorite things about spring.

Top Ten Favorites of Spring
(not in any particular order)

1) The first flowers of the year

2) The smell after a rainstorm

(Unfortunately, people--me included-- don't usually take pictures of others playing in the mud, hence: I have no picture for number 3)
3) Putting one's feet in a nice slick mud puddle or in the dirt of a freshly hoed garden bed or the fresh mowed lawn

4) Having to wash ones feet before bed, due to how dirty one got them while playing outside

5) Actually, just playing outside

6) Lilacs.

7) Changing one's wardrobe from long to short sleeves,

8) Hearing children's laughter, wafting around the neighborhood...laaaaate into the evening,

9) Lying in the grass (or on the sidewalk) watching the birds (especially chimney swifts-not pictured, those are geese!),

10) Smelling the fresh earth and looking forward to summer!

What do you like about Spring? What are you looking forward to in the Summer?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

happy march

Why, hello again!
 Happy March! It's beginning to be my favorite time of the year when everything smells fresh and flowers start to poke out of the ground and the temperature is always in the mid to upper sixties. Well, in a perfect world it would be. Anyhow, as spring comes around (bringing with it my koff, koff *less* favorite holiday, Passover) I am inexplicably unable to sit still. I want to do stuff to go places, to play tennis... Which is hard when I have homework.
Anyhow, that was all a 'well-you-see-what-had-happened-was' excuse for my infrequent posting. A true excuse  but an excuse... so to make up for it: i am sending pictures of my
 5 things this week.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

It's really all my friend from schools fault. She is a true fan girl and thus, I am too. We obviously have far too much time on our hands.

2. Fresh Flowers

 Fresh flowers are self explanatory... and i want some.

3. Cute Dresses

 Springtime makes me crave pastels, chiffon, billows, ruffles, and cute belts.

4. Tennis

 Although I've never actually played (I tried one time and my instructor never showed then I stopped), I have a racket and pink tennis balls. I stared getting spring fever and need to go do something. Why not try tennis?

5. Being 'artsy'

I made this during the winter, but lately, like exercise, I've been craving being artsy and putting my creativity to use. It hasn't quite happened yet... but it will. eventually.

 What are your 5 things? What are you craving?