Sunday, September 22, 2013

since forever and a day

wow, it's been forever! After coming home from Israel I spent the end of my summer going all over the place, visiting various family members and friends and mostly doing school work. and then came the start of the school year.

whaddya know, more school work!

And what with the high holidays (yes, my Rosh Hashanah-new year- was wonderful, and yeah the Yom Kippur fast was much easier than usual, and yes there were so many less mosquitoes in our sukkah this year. I know, can you believe Hanukkah is falling on thanksgiving?!?) my life has been just a tad bit hectic of late.

oh hey, and I can drive! Well, I'm not sure that I'd call whatever I'm doing driving... its mostly just freaking out about how fast i'm going in first gear as I stall around a parking lot. But you know, same thing.

So yes, I'd say I've been pretty busy and boy, am I missing those bright and sunny summer days!
hope to write more soon,
love, Ari