Wednesday, June 19, 2013

five things (youtube music rendition)

I always have those few songs that are on my playlist (or more commonly just always stuck in my head). Here are the top five from this week that I just can't get out of my head!

1. Skylar Grey Medley
         (video from lollapalooza)

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar Feeling Good (X Factor)

3. Stay by Sara Bareilles
4. Somebody to Love (Justin Bieber) Cover by Kenyon College Owl Creeks
5. Ne Me Quitte Pas by Regina Spektor (love this video!)
Happy Summer listening!
p.s. This may be my last blog post for much of the summer as I'm leaving on a five week trip to the other side of the world in a week and a half! I will be inviting some people to guest blog while I'm away, so I'm leaving you in very good hands! If I'm not on before I leave I hope everyone has an excellent summer!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

a silly reflection

Hola! So, i spent last week studying for my chemistry final and vegging out one school was over, and the last few days, I spent with Emily and her family on a vacation to Vermont (so beautiful!). Anyhow, I haven't really had time to write a real blog post, so instead I'm posting a silly reflection. (Well really, its an excuse to put more pics of leo dicap on my blog, hee hee.)

No, i am not a One Direction fan girl. Yes, their music is catchy, yes they're all attractive, and yes their personalities are great (what? no, i haven't spent hours laughing at their videos on youtube... i would never...). However, I am a Leo Dicap fangirl. i mean look at him.

Well, to be fair, one of my besties from school is  more of the fan girl. I'm just another one of the many admirers.... So what does this have to do with One Direction? Well a certain one of them looks quite a bit like a certain charming actor.

hmmm... land of the beautiful!

p.s. apologies because none of the images are mine unfortunately, i have never been close enough to either of these guys to have taken their pictures  and i did forget to post links to their sources... thank goodness i can find these on google!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

5 things (food edition)

1. Peaches


2. Water

3. Banana-chocolate protein shakes
   (well... it's really a milkshake, but protein shake sounds so much better)


4. Lime flavored tortilla chips


5. Fresh strawberries

What are your favorite summer foods?

Ari <3

Sunday, June 2, 2013

my number one, this week

So it is finally that time of year when I get to pull out the gorgeous floral dresses that make my wardrobe so light and airy. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite parts of May ever!
this week has seen me especially loving this gorgeous dress that reminds me of sweet peas and roses.

There is something so fantastic about an interesting back and such a subtle hi-low style. in a really light fabric... love it!

[dress by 'mine...']
Whats your warm weather staple dress?