about this blog

after i stopped writing my homeschool blog (i went to high school), i missed blogging and posting pictures and being connected to people who had interests similar to mine... so i started this blog.

 the name of this blog was inspired by several things. i wanted a cute, elegant name that told you who i am right away. t-straps and tulips? i'm a girly girl with a love of fashion, flowers, and dancing (and vintage inspired clothing).

  for the most part, you'll probably find my writing about one of the following subjects:
  • my interests: writing, fashion, dancing, pride and prejudice
  • my school: sigh. lots and lots of work...but at least i love the people (and get straight a's)!
  • the fun projects that i am constantly starting: (note, i said starting... rarely do i finish one)
  • jewish holidays: there's (are) a lot of 'em
  • inspiration: quotes, pictures, puppies and kittens ;)
  • and other random stories: this one time i was walking around outside in a blizzard...

i hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!


p.s. you've probably noticed by now that this whole page is words that are not capitalized. sometimes that will happen. (Sometimes it won't, though). it's because capital letters make everything very stiff and formal and yell-y. (it's also because sometimes i'm too lazy to capitalize everything... shhhh)

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