Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ten rules of rowing that apply to life

Well, todays 2:30 wakeup for my regatta ended the fall rowing season. The following was a little note that I made for my girls:

Ten rules of rowing that apply to life
 1) always row harder to get better results
2) if you don't work together then you won't go anywhere
3) practice makes better
4) rowing against the current will make you stronger in the long run
5) no matter how many races you win or lose, there will always be food at the regattas ;)
6) rowing through the rain won't always be fun, but it will always be an experience to remember. Make the best out of it.
7) there is never any harm in giving it your all!
8) always be prepared for the weather
9) when  the water gets rough or the wind picks up, raise your oar and push into it. The conditions will get better (even if it's not until next practice)
10) make every practice something to be proud of

<3 Your coxswain.

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